The last SAW movie. The Endgame. Or is it?

By Secret_007
Written October 31, 2010
Please don't let the SAW film series end this way. What a cliffhanger. They must make a SAW 8 and 9 and 10. My first experience watching a movie in Real 3D. It gave the movie more depth and I never got a headache from the glasses. Fits comfortably over your prescription glasses. I enjoy Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor in their evil roles. I want the SAW movies to continue. I find myself rooting for Hoffman just so he never gets caught and has an escape plan, so the movies can continue.
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Great way to end the saga!!

By fox15
Written November 04, 2010
I love the Saw saga!!! Unlike others who say another saw movie let it die. This was a great movie I have the entire Saw saga and this movie was a great way to end it. I don't want to reveal too much but you will see some new characters, some familiar ones and some you thought were dead! 3D movies are usually hit or miss, it can make the movie good or it can sell a terrible movie. The 3D tech was great for this movie as it made the traps come alive. Great Movie!!!
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Was it really 3D?

By Brown_Sugar26
Written November 21, 2010
I liked this movie but it wasn't as good as I anticipated. Since I saw all the other ones it was worth it. The 3D wasn't as 3D as the previews make you think.
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By krylinost
Written November 17, 2010
I went expecting some really awesome gorey 3D effects. Instead I got what looked like hotdogs being tossed at me. The main reason I went was for the 3D gore but I was sadly mislead. There are very few scenes were guts actually fly at you and they looked very much alike. It almost seemed like the 3D was an afterthought. If it was possible to get money back from seeing a movie I would have asked for mine on this one.
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Five Word Review

By JustLuvMovies
Written November 12, 2010
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