By juliapaul
Written December 26, 2013
Was not what I expected. I am a senior adult and have history with Disney and Mary Poppins. I am not sure young people will enjoy the movie for it's historic content. It was confusing at first but came together. I expected to laugh more than I did. The theater was packed and occupants remained in their seats to watch old photo's and listen to part of an actual recording of Pamela Travers as the credits ran. That to me shows how much others were into the movie.
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wonderfull movie

By veagan
Written December 29, 2013
My wife and I went to this and loved it. My wife said she laughed and happy cried through out the movie she said it was the best movie she had seen in a long time. I am glad that they did not make Tom Hanks look to much like Walt so that I don't start thinking that's what he looked like. For those of you who don't know it Walt was a hero during would war one, as an ambulance driver (anyone during WW1 that was a battle-field ambulance driver is a hero to me) Walt and his brother Roy also did allot during WW2, check it out you might be surprised. I found it very interesting how his child hood was. Do your self a favor and go see the movie. There are allot of flashbacks, but I thought that was a very good part of the movie.
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Saving Mr. Banks

By patandtim1
Written December 30, 2013
It was a wonderful movie. It was well written and well acted. It inspired me to read the original Mary Poppins books. My daughters and I were singing Let's Go Fly a Kite as we left the theater.
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By beckyboo3
Written February 03, 2014
This movie had an amazing story about the creation of Mary Poppins! You must see it! It is not a waste of money or time! I cannot wait to buy it.
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Saving Mr. Banks

By bward1939
Written February 07, 2014
We really liked this movie. It was done well; the story line was interesting and the actors were well chosen and did an excellent job. All of them.
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