A great movie for any and all Disney fans

By NaturePilot
Written December 20, 2013
I was a bit skeptical as to how the producers where going to pull off a two hour movie on the making of Mary Poppins but this movie had remarkable depth. All in all a great story about how real life influences writing and how the little things in life can have the greatest impact. It is great to know the remarkable story of the true Mary Poppins and the amount of effort put into creating my favorite childhood movie.
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Savng Mr. Banks

By depas4
Written December 21, 2013
I felt I was with Walt Disney for an evening. Demonstrated Walt’s greatest talent, the ability to get to not what people want but what they need. Showed Walt’s ‘non push-over’ and ‘sensitive’ sides all at once. Great insight into the creative realm. Walt understands Travers’ possessiveness of her creation because he shares same possessiveness with his creation. Did not make P.L.Travers an ‘irrational obstacle’ but rather a very multi layered person. It also gave a glimpse of the kind of person who could create such a loved and enduring character. e.g. when she hands Ralph the list. Paul Giamatti ‘steals the show’, and we see again how a great film doesn’t waste a moment of screen time. e.g. why is he discussing weather? Gives long overdue acknowledgement to the Sherman Brother’s talent.
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Sweet and worth it

By dbeardshear
Written December 24, 2013
I was so excited to see this and it was great. It was a long slow build that continued all the way through. Lovely and sweet Not the BIG blockbuster style at all. Good old fashioned story. Not really a movie for kids like the pre-story - Mary Poppins
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Saving Mr. Banks

By wgm
Written December 22, 2013
What an amazing movie, the flashbacks really helped me understand the whole plot of Mary Poppins, and really moved the story along and really showed P. L. Travers in a whole new light. The casting was perfect, I love Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson was magical as the author, and yes academy award material. This movie has a lot heart, and a brought out a real raw emotion.
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Poignant and sad

By Muerto Cupcake
Written December 22, 2013
A couple of magical Disney moments but I found it to be a sad story. She is demanding, stubborn, and downright rude. Not sure if kids will understand everything. The acting is top notch. Emma and Tom and everyone else is great. It does make you want to see Mary Poppins again.
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