Saving Mr. Banks

By mmclearn1
Written December 22, 2013
A much deeper story and film than I expected. The script was written to perfection, and the acting by all, particularly by the three at the top, was truly remarkable. I was completely taken in by it all. A five star performance that left you sorry it had to come to an end.
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vvery much enjoyed this movie that was sadder than expected

By Doug Anderson
Written December 27, 2013
Terrific cast playing a very well written and filmed movie. It was a much sadder story than expected but the house was pretty much filled and nobody left till the bitter end and the final ending.
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Disney's account of Mary Poppins

By nicolefrench
Written January 05, 2014
I was surprised by this movie. I found it much more a story of anguish and unhappiness, superbly acted by a great ensemble cast. I am a big fan of Disney's Mary Poppins so I was saddened to watch this movie as it really is a tale of how one overcomes or cannot overcome one's personal tragedies. This movie postures that P.L. Travers was not able to overcome her past and her father's alcoholism (father played with gusto by Colin Farrell). Tom Hanks is delightful to watch, Emma Thompson is English and severe but elegant and everyone else sparkles. Good movie, go see it.
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I left half way through

By drew_cayman
Written March 02, 2014
Admittedly I was hungry and I didn't fancy any movie theatre food but all the same this movie takes forever and a day to get going, if your looking movie that is easy to watch then this is not the movie for you. I wouldn't recommend you going to see this movie late at night either.
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What a heartfelt movie.

By actingrox
Written December 22, 2013
Love the true story of Mary Poppins and how the movie came to be as well. I will say this is not a children's movie and I don't recommend taking your kids with you because they will just get bored which is something that I noticed a couple and their kid were a few sections down and the kid would not sit still so they finally just gave up and left. I love how they put this movie together and its very interesting to know Mary Poppins was based on a true story without all the magical effects that is and the names of characters are different. I also loved at the end how they put old pics of the actual events that took place in the making of the Mary Poppins movie.
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