Saving Mr. Banks

By sheryloverton
Written February 02, 2014
We really enjoyed this movie. As usual Tom Hanks was great and so were Emma Thompson and the other actors. It was interesting to hear the story behind Mary Poppins. The movie is definitely best for children over 13. My husband and I both said"What a good movie!" as it ended.
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Saving Mr. Banks

By maredks
Written January 02, 2014
Can't stop thinking about this beautifully told story and the sound track that was woven in. If ever you were a fan of Mary Poppins' or just like great acting and wonderful stories go and see this movie!
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Enjoyable movie

By rdangell2002
Written December 26, 2013
I thought this was a very interesting and enjoyable. Remembering seeing Mary Poppins in my youth, and loving the penguin sequence, it interested me in knowing the author didn't want anything animated. I've never read any of the books so really hadn't thought of the author. Since seeing the movie last night, I've googled her and found out that the movie cleaned her up considerably. As adults, with a teen-aged daughter, we found the movie enjoyable as well as amusing in certain scenes. I think it would be too intense for younger children. One muttered swear word, other than that considerably clean.
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Battling for a Vision

By faigin
Written December 26, 2013
The capsule review is that this is an interesting story, well acted, and worth seeing. I write long reviews and Fandango limits review size, so for the full review, see / wordpress / ?p=8879 (delete spaces around slashes)
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Saving Mr. Banks

By fsapp1
Written December 22, 2013
Moving story. Well acted by everyone in the cast, especially Emma Thompson. The way the theme of daughter and lost father was handled brought tears to my eyes. Caution: Although this is a Disney picture, it is not suitable for children.
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