WWII as real as it gets

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written November 13, 2016
A movie which left veterans in tears and many other movie watchers. It isnt for the faint of heart as the story takes you from the trajic yet victorious D-day invasion of Normandy France across Germany in search of one man the plot truely ties the traditional characteristics of unity, brotherhood, and heroism. It is the most accurate WWII movie to date thanks to Steven Speilberg whose father actually was in WWII as an airforce pilot he got alot of ideas from him. I believe it may be the best war movie ever made to date the actors Tom Hanks, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, Matt Damon, and many other actors even Paul Giamati gave one of their best perfomances in this film. It will drag you in and carry you through with eye popping visual effects for its time and gripping gritty action. I have to rank this film as one of my favorites. I would not advise for kids really graphic war violence and gore plus language makes it unsuitable. I recommend this one.
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One Of A Kind

By flixwatchergal
Written August 25, 2009
I just rewatched this movie and even though I needed to go to bed because I had to work the next day I just could not shut the movie off. I have seen this movie numerous times, even so there is something about the story and characters that is so captivating. I think this is Tom Hanks best film ever. His acting is flawless. The other acters are great too...The movie takes place in WWII D-day and it is very graphic. A group of soilders are sent on a mission to find a young man, Pt. Ryan, whose 3 brothers have already been killed in action. The orders have come from up top and as the mission is carried out the soilders experience many different emotions about the mission. You go along the search with them and it sure is a ride! The film depicts the horrors of war, brotherhood of soilders, sacrifice, duty, and human strengths and frailty. If you like war movies then this is a must see. But you need to watch it when you can really pay attention because it is a fast moving story line.
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Saving Private Ryan

By The Cow Pharaoh
Written March 12, 2010
The Best War Movie ever made. It showed how bad things where in WWII and keeps you hooked. I'm a fan of History but you don't have to be to love this movie. I give it 5 army helmets out of 5
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Great war movie

By redyeah
Written July 30, 2009
Tom Hanks does his Tom Hanks thing perfectly. We see him and want to be on his side. Brilliant cast with incredible performances. Including Adam Goldberg's amazing scene towards the middle-last part of the film. That scene still shakes me up.
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Five Word Review

Written November 21, 2009
Awesome movie Great American story
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