Good performances...

By pomspringz
Written September 29, 2008
Great review by suziefilms, and I agree with her assessment. Good performances by the main characters. I found the action a little slow, but I enjoyed the lovely New Mexico setting. The story line was done very well without being heavy-handed or skewed in either direction.
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Save Me

By suziefilms
Written September 09, 2008
Save Me is a lovely, touching, and important film that manages to show how damaging and futile even the non-abusive, most well-intentioned ex-gay programs are without vilifying those who run them. Robert Gant and Chad Allen were excellent as the two young men who fall in love despite their desire not to do so, but the real stand-out was Judith Light's incredible performance as the stern, motherly director of Genesis House -- one of the best I've seen all year. I just wish that the film had let us get to know Gant's character Scott better -- given his central role, we didn't get to learn quite enough about him.
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