English Comp. Movie Review

By vposhell
Written May 01, 2015
Dancing can be defined as movements done in accordance with an accompanying sound or music. Still, dancing is a limitless universal language. Being able to relate and connect to a movie requires not only a good script but a rational way to put film right into the watchers’ hearts. In the movie, Save the Last Dance (2001), director Thomas Carter combines specific techniques to enhance the message and understanding of the movie. Set in the city of Chicago the main character, Sara (Julia Stiles), embarks on a journey in a world completely different from the one she knew, getting back to who she is by overcoming hardship. She gives up dancing after her mother dies in a hurry to make it to Sara’s Julliard audition. The new school Sara attends is gritty and underprivileged emphasizing its inner city features. Another set is Sara’s father’s house, which she has to move too. It is decrepit and greatly contrasts to her previous sheltered and secure life.
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Save the last dance

By zoeykowalk
Written May 13, 2016
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