Savannah Synopsis
Ward Allen (Jim Caviezel) rejects his heritage and lives a free life on a river.
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By Sohebel
Beautiful movie! All the actors are brilliant at their craft in this soul touching true story. I will buy the Dvd & watch it many times....


By mbentley2
Great Movie!...

Seen it twice!

By alcariziar
This film is unique, beautiful, it will be seen by generations!...


By Ritajh
Wonderful movie!! The performances are great and the photography is outstanding!! Not to be missed. I am wondering why this film did not get more publicity the weekend it opened....

Beautiful story, well told

By chiefduffy
Not the normal formula movie. Refreshing, entertaining and somewhat inspiring. Not surprised the critics don't like this one....I did!...

By jannmiles
This was a wonderful, moving story which actually had a story. The acting was great and the photography beautiful. I will buy it when it comes out on DVD....

Simply Beautiful

By criticsshmitics
This is a beautiful film. Unlike a lot of today's films, it takes the time to tell a truly heartwarming story. It is an art house film that with a higher budget could have ironed out a few minor...


By avsmith2010
It was surprisingly good!!!!!...

By savannahpilot
If you were born in Savannah you must see it to appreciate the movie!!! A big thumbs up!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief sexuality