Savage yet Serene

By Black Kodiak Jack
Written July 09, 2012
I enjoyed Savages quite a bit. Like several of his other films, Oliver Stone weaves a subtle message in between all of the violence and inhumanity. He tempts you to look for it, past all of the brutality and blood, like a small contrasted thread in a much larger tapestry. In his conflicts he pleads his case, and only after you've walked the twisted dark road ahead, will you find some enlightenment in the end.
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Savages - Outstanding!....A must see!

By yankeeramrod
Written July 09, 2012
This movie was well thought out and well directed! The acting was superb! The plot kept you asking for falling asleep in this movie!
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Everything All In One - Loved It!

By ddingdongg
Written July 09, 2012
This movie has everything from untraditional sexuality to extreme crime insight. Absolutely loved it. Awesome cast. Captivating plot. If you are dry to sexual and violent content, it is not for you.
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It had potential but it missed the mark.

By HollyLouYa
Written July 07, 2012
If you want to see this movie, do, but wait until it doesn't cost movie theater prices. The plot is dependant on audience buy-in of Chon and Ben's love for O, and I just really didn't believe it. My friends and I were laughing saying the story would have been more believable if they had been brothers trying to rescue their mother. (But then they couldn't cast a hot girl in the role). Ultimately, the downfall of the movie was that Oliver Stone was too heavy-handed. The title, Savages, is beat over your head with a bat rather, savagely. There's no doubt why the name was chosen, as Oliver Stone spelled it out for the audience every 30 minutes. And while I don't mind violence, some of the scenes were dark for dark's sake. There was a hokey plot device used (details omitted to not be a spoiler), and despite the movie's long run time, the only character I felt any connection with was Elena (Salma Hayek). Skip this movie, see it as a cheaper matinee, or wait until it's free on cable.
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Del Toro is Simply Awesome !!

By movie-pro
Written July 08, 2012
Great action, and very fast moving picture. My wife and I enjoyed it very much, although it's probably more of a guys movie. I would suggest that teens 15 and under not to see it. Plenty of gore, language, and sexual scenes that were rather graphic. Del Toro played his part to a tee. He looked so cold and unforgiving. Travolta was good as usual. Actually the 2 main characters, Ben & Chon were 2 actors that I was not familiar with but did a very good job in their parts as did Miss Lively...4 thumbs up..Enjoy the bloody ride...LOL
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