By livlopezwill
Written July 11, 2012
Best movie I've seen in a while. Not a dull moment for a second and a bomb ***cast!! I will for sure be purchasing this movie once its out on DVD.
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Not so Savage

By e_man88
Written July 29, 2016
Action came in bits and pieces, the narration by Blake lively will put you to sleep. 20min can be cut from the movie to make it better
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By cindiw
Written July 08, 2012
Wow, that was a good movie! Nothing like an Oliver Stone movie. Savages was good from beginning to end, which by the way- loved the ending.
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Fun Ride!

By sevenmose
Written July 08, 2012
I took my wife out to see Savages for her birthday with a group of friends and it was definitely a thrill ride. Lot's of action, comedy and edge of your seat moments throughout. Wasn't the best movie we ever saw but we had a lotta fun. Benicio was amazing! The biggest disappointment was something at the end which we all wish they didn't do but oh well. I'd give it 3 out 5 stars and if you want a fun, slightly gory movie with some steamy HOT scenes I'd go check it out.
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By raymond Cech
Written July 08, 2012
Once you got pass all the sex... (to the extent that I thought, "where the hell is the movie going" )the movie held our interest and was somewhat of a thriller.
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