How Bad Endings Can Outweigh Good Acting (No Spoilers)

By Reel Reviewer
Written July 30, 2012
When the story is good-not-great it is typically the acting that will make or break the film. Hint: Typically. In "Savages" you find yourself admiring the work of the established and the up-and-coming, yet the final fifteen minutes ruin all their hard work. In what is becoming the "Summer of Taylor Kitsch" we see another good performance from him, but Aaron Johnson of "Kick Ass" fame probably has a brighter career ahead of him. del Toro and Travolta both turn in inspired performances under Oliver Stone's directoral return to the more gritty films we have enjoyed from him. The star, however, is Salma Hayek. How she can still make Blake Lively, who also put in a solid role as the lover of two friends, play second fiddle in looks is remarkable And her work here as the head of a Mexican cartel is absolutely delightful to watch. The story is a bit slow to start, drags along at times and simply seems preposterous at others, but it will carry you through to an ending that is simply ruinous.
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It's OK

By starrcm
Written July 07, 2012
When watching the movie, I felt like Oliver Stone was trying to go back in time and bring back the feel he had in "Natural Born Killers". I personally felt like it fell short. The dynamics between the 3 main characters gave it a little depth, but not much. About half way through most people will figure out what might happen. Blake Lively and John Travolta did not add much value to the movie at all. Bencio did a pretty good job, but it might be too little to late, I am not sure people will be knocking down his door to get him in movies again, though he pretty much saved this one in my eyes. This is not a bad movie, but unless you are a die hard Oliver Stone fan, you can probably wait until this one comes out at the Redbox. It is pretty violent, so I would not suggest taking your children.
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What a disappointment

By cmrtnz02
Written July 16, 2012
Such a good cast, such a shady movie. could have done with one hour less of the movie. maybe the first hour should have been cut off. needless to say, I would not recommend it....
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Some interesting performances, but too violent

By NYPerson1
Written July 08, 2012
This movie was even more violent than I expected it to be, and not in a fun way. It was mostly just ugly and humorless and overwrought. Salma Hayek is the best thing in the movie--she's funny and fierce--and John Travolta is pretty good. Most of the rest of the cast--including the over-rated Benicio del Toro (the most one-dimensional critically acclaimed actor on the planet--is pretty terrible. However, Blake Lively's wooden performance is the worst of the lot. Almost everyone in the movie was so unpleasant that I had no interest in whether any of the characters survived; I just wanted the movie to go away.
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By bur66
Written July 07, 2012
Excellent story-line, colorful, sexual engaging, and entertaining kept the audience intrigue. Again, Olive Stone continue to master his Arts' in Cinema -- Directing pushing the envelope of creativity, and excellent performance from all actors/actresses-RAW. Kudos, Bur66
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