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Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel.
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By loumendez
After 2 earlier movies that were considered so-so, Stone excelled himself with Savages.... The story quite realistic, the actors very good... more focus on the story development by the actors...

It was okay, but not as good as I anticipated

By Maryam13
The title says it, but I'll break it down. Everyone was pretty good, but Del Toro definitely carried the film along with Hayek. Travolta was surprisingly great and seemed to have fun with his role. I...

Savages..could have easily been way better....

By jazzguy711
An otherwise great film, lots of cool action, terrific scenes, good solid acting, but the advertised "graphic sexuality and nudity" just is NOT there, so don't go see it for a naked Blake...

I wanted to say Go, but I couldn't

By Moviewatcher907
It was a close call not to say Go, but there were things in the movie that just turned me off. Like in their meeting with the notorious drug cartel, the tough guy partner says the insulting comment...

Awful Awful Awful Awful

By severon
Only redeeming thing was John Travolta's performance. I enjoyed the idea to humanize the bad guys, but like the poster for Savages, this movie is a movie with an identity crysis that plays out in a...

How Bad Endings Can Outweigh Good Acting (No Spoilers)

By Reel Reviewer
When the story is good-not-great it is typically the acting that will make or break the film. Hint: Typically. In "Savages" you find yourself admiring the work of the established and the...

It's OK

By starrcm
When watching the movie, I felt like Oliver Stone was trying to go back in time and bring back the feel he had in "Natural Born Killers". I personally felt like it fell short. The dynamics between...

What a disappointment

By cmrtnz02
Such a good cast, such a shady movie. could have done with one hour less of the movie. maybe the first hour should have been cut off. needless to say, I would not recommend it.......

Some interesting performances, but too violent

By NYPerson1
This movie was even more violent than I expected it to be, and not in a fun way. It was mostly just ugly and humorless and overwrought. Salma Hayek is the best thing in the movie--she's funny and...


By bur66
Excellent story-line, colorful, sexual engaging, and entertaining kept the audience intrigue. Again, Olive Stone continue to master his Arts' in Cinema -- Directing pushing the envelope of...

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Rated R | For Strong brutal and grisly violence, some graphic sexuality, nudity, drug use and language throughout
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Common Sense Media says Oliver Stone thriller is all about sex, drugs, violence.
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