Saturday Night Fever Synopsis
A paint-store clerk dons a white suit and becomes king of the dance floor at his local disco.
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Saturday Night Fever

By lauracdunne
We loved it! It brought back a lot of memories. It was fun to see how far advanced they were back then and what a risk they took making it. It still holds the test of time. You can't say that...

Time travel

By sidehtch67
I had forgotten what a great movie this is. I highly recommend seeing it on the big screen if you have a chance. So much fun....

Saturday night fever

By Sandrajocook
Seeing it as an older person it was a totally different story. A better story....

Greatest Snapshot of 70s evee

By movietrivia_bandstumper

can't go wrong

By redyeah
you gotta watch this movie. fun stuff. come on, dancing and travolta. wow....

Good movie to see once in a while!

By Issarod12
It's a good movie, but I just don't care to much for all of the conflict that is around the whole dancing scene! It could have done with out all that. I don't like how he gives the trophy away...


By juliereames
Classic 70's greatness....

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By laurasillas
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By sandsbryant
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Saturday Night Fever

By asgiorlando
Such an iconic classic! Great to see it on the big screen, again!...

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Rated R
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Disco drama has sex, violence, swearing off the dance floor.
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