Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour Synopsis
A teenager (Rissa Walters) encounters paranormal activity in a small town.
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I went to a screening of this movie.

By Karen344
This movie is very unique. It can make an adult jump and a kid jump but will not give the kids nightmares cause it is FUN SPOOKY and not stupid scary like some of the scary movies made for kids. this...

Perfect Halloween Movie

By fenghel666
My kids loved this movie. I defiantly recommend it especially since its rated PG but still fun and scary enough for the younger ones. You'll have a good time too....

Loved it!

By chinablue
I'm so surprised by some of the negative reviews for this flick. Oh well, to each their own. My girls 11 and 13 loved it. We were scared, jumped in our seats and then giggled because of our...


By supergirl3
I saw this film at a special screening. It is brilliant! It appears to be very easy and slow moving but beware - it is superbly scary! It's a must go!!!...

Great Halloween Movie for Kids!

By nrowe2319
This film is awesome for kids around Halloween time. It is just scary enough to make them jump, but not too scary that they will have nightmares. It's perfect and very well done!...


By Moogan
This is a GREAT movie you have to see it!!!!...


By CalmBeforeTheStorm
This would be quite an awful movie. I personally think it was originally supposed a straight-to-DVD movie, but maybe they were sponsored too much by Nickelodeon. I wouldn't watch this if I had a...


By movie_lvr921
This movie looks SOOO good i cant wait to see it....its kinda weird its only rated pg tho...

just a good spooky movie

By chevyownerme
Who ever doesn't like this movie obviously bas been to too many blood and guts movies and doesn't remember what a spooky movie is! Although this movie had no big name stars, or any blood and...

Good for the kids

By pajaro3
Ok, let's be honest. This is not going to win any awards. The acting is somewhat iffy (outright horrible by Ben Woods, the uncle who dies but appears again.. but luckily he doesn't speak much because...

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Rated PG | For thematic elements, mild peril and language
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Common Sense Media says Clumsy, tween-focused thriller wastes potential.
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