Sandra Seacat

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Talia Shire Palo Alto
2013 Val Kilmer Palo Alto
2010 Juliette Lewis Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Laura Linney Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Mark Ruffalo Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Orlando Bloom Sympathy for Delicious
2004 Amy Madigan In The Land of Milk and Money
2001 Andy Griffith Daddy & Them
2001 Laura Dern Daddy & Them
2001 Jim Varney Daddy & Them
2001 Kelly Preston Daddy & Them
2001 Billy Bob Thornton Daddy & Them
2001 Diane Ladd Daddy & Them
2001 Michael Jeter Daddy & Them
2001 Ben Affleck Daddy & Them
2001 Jamie Lee Curtis Daddy & Them
2001 Brenda Blethyn Daddy & Them
1999 Robert Wagner Crazy in Alabama
1999 Elizabeth Perkins Crazy in Alabama
1999 Fannie Flagg Crazy in Alabama
1999 Melanie Griffith Crazy in Alabama
1999 Lucas Black Crazy in Alabama
1999 Paul Mazursky Crazy in Alabama
1999 Rod Steiger Crazy in Alabama
1999 Richard Schiff Crazy in Alabama
1999 Meat Loaf Crazy in Alabama
1999 David Morse Crazy in Alabama
1999 Cathy Moriarty Crazy in Alabama
1998 Peter Riegert The Baby Dance
1998 Stockard Channing The Baby Dance
1998 Laura Dern The Baby Dance
1996 Catherine Keener The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 James LeGros The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Norman Fell The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Michael Ironside The Destiny of Marty Fine
1994 John C. McGinley The New Age
1994 Peter Weller The New Age
1994 Adam West The New Age
1994 Judy Davis The New Age
1994 Audra Lindley The New Age
1994 Samuel L. Jackson The New Age
1994 Corbin Bernsen The New Age
1988 Kiefer Sutherland Promised Land
1988 Meg Ryan Promised Land
1988 Linda Fiorentino Wildfire
1988 James Woods Wildfire
1988 Will Patton Wildfire
1986 Madeleine Sherwood Nobody's Child
1986 Marlo Thomas Nobody's Child
1986 Kathy Baker Nobody's Child
1984 Jessica Lange Country
1984 Wilford Brimley Country
1984 Sam Shepard Country
1982 Sam Shepard Frances
1982 Lane Smith Frances
1982 Gerald O'Loughlin Frances
1982 Jessica Lange Frances
1982 Anjelica Huston Frances
1982 Kevin Costner Frances
1979 Bette Midler The Rose
1979 Alan Bates The Rose
1979 Frederic Forrest The Rose
1979 Harry Dean Stanton The Rose
1979 Jack Starrett The Rose
1979 David Keith The Rose
1975 Harris Yulin Night Moves
1975 Dennis Dugan Night Moves
1975 James Woods Night Moves
1975 Gene Hackman Night Moves
1975 Melanie Griffith Night Moves
1975 Rene Enriquez Night Moves
1975 Kenneth Mars Night Moves
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