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Written January 31, 2011
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Save your money and skip the IMAX 3D on this one.

By hollymike1
Written February 06, 2011
The movie was good but not just great. I would say see the movie but dont waste your money on IMAX 3D. Also if you are looking for a "feel-good" movie this is not it, kind of a downer.
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What a waste of time and money

By kuratha
Written February 05, 2011
The hype was great, Previews were great but..... the acting was rediculous. I didn't find that I was on the edge of my seat once during the entire movie. I could have done a better job, and I am definetly not an actor! Do not waste your $10 or $14 or more for this movie.
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Nothing great about this movie

By koolwadz
Written February 06, 2011
I saw this movie in an IMAX 3D, and it was a total waste of money, first this movie should not have been in 3D, still trying to figure out why 3D? I expected a lot from this movie, but there was nothing in it.. just a few deep water scenes were amazing, rest all was boring. If given a chance again I would not see this movie again, and if I wanted to see.. I would wait for it to come to a dollar theater or a cheap theater than AMC....
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Top Notch

By dlj392000
Written February 07, 2011
I totally enjoyed this movie from start to finish, and worth the extra 3D price.
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