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This movie will keep you on your toes.

By HenryFloor
Written February 12, 2011
James Cameron is the maker of master pieces, really gets me pumping. Fantastic movie to watch when you have some friends over, you can watch it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . com
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Better than expected

By Tremens
Written February 06, 2011
I went due to the "3D" buzz surrounding this movie, expecting to see excellent 3D effects with a so-so movie. It turned out to be just the opposite... The 3D effects were rarely noticable, and the movie turned out to be rather good. Drags a little in the middle but the last 1/3 of the movie was very well played out. It's worth seeing this on the big screen but don't pay the extra for the 3D
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Not Titanic or Avatar

By k25366
Written February 06, 2011
Not even that good. I was expecting more based on past history, but this had nothing to live for. This will go down as one of Cameron's FLOPs and was only sold on his past movies. Definitely not 3D worthy either. That I'd give a big NO on. But overall the movie was SO SO.
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3D Review title

Written January 31, 2011
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By Suegilbert
Written February 07, 2011
Awesone. Intense. On the edge of my seat the whole movie as I held my breath for over half of it. Barely remember the musical score as I mesmorized by the scenery. Underlying story could have been stronger, but in the end, I was a satisfied movie goer. Acting was solid. directing was why I thought it was pretty intense. Adventurers would love this. Keep the kids at's rated R anyway. All ends well!
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