Sam Worthington
Date of Birth
Aug 02, 1976

Worked With

Year Name Title
2019 Stephen Lang Avatar 4
2019 Sigourney Weaver Avatar 4
2018 Sigourney Weaver Avatar 3
2018 Stephen Lang Avatar 3
2017 Stephen Lang Avatar 2
2017 Sigourney Weaver Avatar 2
2015 Anthony Hopkins Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
2014 Jennifer Aniston Cake
2014 William H. Macy Cake
2014 Felicity Huffman Cake
2014 Terrence Howard Sabotage
2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sabotage
2014 Martin Donovan Sabotage
2014 Olivia Williams Sabotage
2014 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Sabotage
2013 Matthew McConaughey Thunder Run
2012 Edward Burns Man on a Ledge
2012 Ed Harris Man on a Ledge
2012 Kyra Sedgwick Man on a Ledge
2012 Anthony Mackie Man on a Ledge
2012 Bill Nighy Wrath of the Titans
2012 Liam Neeson Wrath of the Titans
2012 Danny Huston Wrath of the Titans
2012 Ralph Fiennes Wrath of the Titans
2012 Sinéad Cusack Wrath of the Titans
2011 Annabeth Gish Texas Killing Fields
2010 Pete Postlethwaite Clash of the Titans
2010 Elizabeth McGovern Clash of the Titans
2010 Liam Neeson Clash of the Titans
2010 Ralph Fiennes Clash of the Titans
2010 Danny Huston Clash of the Titans
2010 Helen Mirren The Debt
2010 Ciarán Hinds The Debt
2010 Tom Wilkinson The Debt
2010 Griffin Dunne Last Night
2010 Keira Knightley Last Night
2010 Eva Mendes Last Night
2010 Michael Imperioli Love and Distrust
2010 Robert Downey, Jr. Love and Distrust
2009 CCH Pounder Avatar
2009 Sigourney Weaver Avatar
2009 Giovanni Ribisi Avatar
2009 Stephen Lang Avatar
2009 Michael Ironside Terminator Salvation
2009 Jane Alexander Terminator Salvation
2009 Christian Bale Terminator Salvation
2009 Helena Bonham Carter Terminator Salvation
2005 Connie Nielsen The Great Raid
2005 Benjamin Bratt The Great Raid
2003 Timothy Spall Gettin' Square
2002 Toni Collette Dirty Deeds
2002 John Goodman Dirty Deeds
2002 Bryan Brown Dirty Deeds
2002 Sam Neill Dirty Deeds
2002 Bruce Willis Hart's War
2002 Colin Farrell Hart's War
2002 Terrence Howard Hart's War
2002 Linus Roache Hart's War
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