bathroom break slaughter

By EverydayTragedy_Rome
Written September 11, 2012
This movie was amazing! Really great if you're on pain meds or a little buzzed cause visually it blew my mind. Very rare scenes and not so rare but all visually striking and captivating with fantastic music effortlessly timing the sequence of film.. The second u see chickens however take a long bathroom break or be prepared to sit through 10min of slaughter... It's horrible.
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By blogmontice
Written April 20, 2013
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An amazing sensory experience. Not for the faint of hear or dimwitted, this film is super deep.

By chriscossey
Written September 29, 2012
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By kristasteele
Written September 22, 2012
This movie was made over the course of nearly 5 years with a small crew- only 5 people- which makes this a remarkable feat. Traveling all over the world and capturing these beautiful images that celebrate the cycle of life, death then rebirth. Everyone will have different favorite images. The movie triggers an emotional response from the audience. It's a beautiful film that encourages discussion about our role in the planet, other cultures and desire to travel and see the world.
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By rocketopia
Written September 08, 2012
The visual aspects of the moving were spectacular and better than Baracka but the over all feel of the movie was not as good as Baracka. Definitely this movie is not for kids as some scenes are not kid appropriate which is a shame.
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