The BEST film I"ve ever seen. An extraordinary work of Art.

By Elijahquest
Written January 26, 2015
I never recommend movies, but this film is different. It is humbling, mind-expanding, terrifying, and stunningly beautiful all at the same time. The faint-of-heart should still attend, but take the same precautions as they would with a horror film: look away when you need a break from the intensity. However, 90% of the film will be just too visually compelling and wonderful to even think about taking your eyes away. And for those who don't flinch, the other 10% is not "horror" in that it's very real images of things which are happening in the world, and it therefore provides valuable insight into your reality. A must see for anyone of 98.6 degrees.
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Unusual and Visually Entertaining.

By Alon Patterson
Written August 23, 2014
The minimum expectation for a movie of this sort is entertainment and that is unquestionably delivered by this film maker. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, most will find satisfaction in that regard as well. Some may be impressed by the continuity of the visual, carefully orchestrated to music in such a cohesive manner as to actually deliver a not so subtle message. This is most especially true, given CAREFUL music composition, comparative to the rest of the soundtrack, as delivered about 1hr & 15 in; albeit not everyone agrees with that message, or will be impressed with the creativity of its delivery. Is the film worth the price of a ticket? Yes. Is it an impressive piece of film art? No. This viewer found it akin to the old geography newsreels shown in grade school; albeit, with a bit more impressive soundtrack, yet a subtle agenda to desensitize one to the maker’s attempt at blatant enculturation. Likely, you won't be disappointed but don't count on it.
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It was OK

By krkpdx
Written September 18, 2012
Had seen many of the images/places before this film. Was dissappointed in the focus on womens busts in Africa. Whats with that? I missed the point there i guess. I did enjoy the Asian factory farm scenes. They were sterile w. little blood and guts. USA could learn a lesson there. Less trauma for the workers. I liked the timed exposures and beautiful landscapes.
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A Reality Trip That is Amazing and Thought Provoking

By Janeece123
Written October 28, 2014
You just have to go see it. There is really no accurate way to describe the mental/visual experience. A film you will not forget.
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simply gorgeous

By JoshEyes
Written October 20, 2012
The follow up to Baraka is a perfect dose of serenity after a hectic NYC day.
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