Sam Jones
Date of Birth
Aug 12, 1954
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2007 Fred Williamson Revamped
2000 Shannon Tweed Dead Sexy
2000 Fred Williamson Down 'n Dirty
2000 David Carradine Down 'n Dirty
2000 Gary Busey Down 'n Dirty
2000 Charles Napier Down 'n Dirty
1996 Kim Cattrall Where Truth Lies
1996 John Savage Where Truth Lies
1996 Malcolm McDowell Where Truth Lies
1994 Charles Napier Fist of Justice
1994 Richard Roundtree Fist of Justice
1994 Shannon Tweed Hard Vice
1993 Vanity DaVinci's War
1993 Michael Nouri DaVinci's War
1993 James Russo DaVinci's War
1992 Abe Vigoda Fist of Honor
1992 Harry Guardino Fist of Honor
1992 Mickey Rooney Maximum Force
1992 Gary Busey South Beach
1992 Robert Forster South Beach
1992 John Rhys-Davies South Beach
1992 Peter Fonda South Beach
1992 Vanity South Beach
1992 Fred Williamson South Beach
1992 Henry Silva South Beach
1992 Stella Stevens South Beach
1989 George "Buck" Flower One Man Force
1989 Charles Napier One Man Force
1989 John Matuszak One Man Force
1989 Ronny Cox One Man Force
1988 Mako Silent Assassins
1988 Bill Erwin Silent Assassins
1988 Linda Blair Silent Assassins
1988 John Russell Under the Gun
1988 Vanessa Williams Under the Gun
1987 Jimmy Smits The Highwayman
1987 Theresa Saldana The Highwayman
1987 Wings Hauser The Highwayman
1987 Graham Stark Jane and the Lost City
1987 Maud Adams Jane and the Lost City
1987 Philip Baker Hall The Spirit
1986 Robert Q. Lewis My Chauffeur
1986 Howard Hesseman My Chauffeur
1986 E.G. Marshall My Chauffeur
1985 Laraine Newman This Wife for Hire
1985 Robert Klein This Wife for Hire
1984 Geoffrey Lewis The A-Team: Semi-Friendly Persuasion
1984 Jason Bernard Hunter: The Hot Grounder
1984 William Windom Hunter: The Hot Grounder
1984 Robert Webber No Man's Land
1984 Stella Stevens No Man's Land
1984 John Rhys-Davies No Man's Land
1984 Estelle Getty No Man's Land
1984 Donna Dixon No Man's Land
1981 Dennis Haysbert Code Red
1981 Lorne Greene Code Red
1981 Julie Adams Code Red
1980 Max von Sydow Flash Gordon
1980 Topol Flash Gordon
1980 Ornella Muti Flash Gordon
1980 Timothy Dalton Flash Gordon
1980 Robbie Coltrane Flash Gordon
1980 Brian Blessed Flash Gordon
1979 Bo Derek 10
1979 Julie Andrews 10
1979 Robert Webber 10
1979 Brian Dennehy 10
1979 Denise Crosby 10
1979 Dudley Moore 10
1979 James Noble 10
1979 Max Showalter 10
1979 Dee Wallace 10
1979 James Woods The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Andrew Duggan The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Gary Lockwood The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Dorothy McGuire The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Brock Peters The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Charles Tyner The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Jane Wyman The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel
1979 Alejandro Rey Stunts Unlimited
1979 Glenn Corbett Stunts Unlimited
1979 John Larroquette Stunts Unlimited
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