Forget what the critics say, GO SEE THE MOVIE

By GemLadyTee
Written July 25, 2010
This movie was awesome on so many levels. Just when you think you figured out the plot, there's another twist thrown in the mix. This is a MUST SEE. Angelina Jolie is the BADDEST B&$%^!!!! This movie rocks and will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE and this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves action and suspense. It will not disappoint. Leave whatever personal feelings you have about Angelina and go see a great movie.
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so cool

By Dragon_Girl
Written May 26, 2013
I like her moves in this movie
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Just didn't care about characters

By thekenny17
Written August 15, 2010
I see what the director was trying to do by keeping the audience in the dark to make more plot twists and turns, but it didn't work. By not telling us earlier what Salt's allegiance was, I found myself not really caring what happened to her. With no sympathy for the title character, all the action scenes (most well executed at least) in the world couldn't save this movie. Couple that with a thrown-together ending that didn't fit other characters' motives, the movie just didn't work on any level.
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By Blknsexy25
Written July 28, 2010
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By quilting
Written August 14, 2010
Fun action movie.
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