agree it's unreasonable...maybe...but very entertaining

By love2watchu
Written September 18, 2010
i want to be just like her when i grow up! she's- as always--stunning. no dull moments. worth the view.
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Written August 18, 2010
Great movie. A lot of action and a good plot. Must see if you like action movies!
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Salt Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written February 08, 2012
75 out of 100 Angelina Jolie returns for more action-packed thrills in the twisty, fairly-good blockbuster film.
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Salty Enough!

By Xaaralia
Written September 19, 2010
I thought that I would wait for this on DVD or cable. But, on the advice of a lady friend, I saw this in the theatre. I was not disappointed. Angelina was channeling Jason Bourne; but she out-Bourned Matt Damon. The action was non-stop from start to finish and it was done without all the jump-cut gimmickry of the Bourne films. Even the story was enjoyable with a couple turn-a-rounds and gotchas.
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By moviewatchdawg
Written September 23, 2010
Enjoyed all the action and there was plenty of it! Movie is for mature adults who seek a thrilling flick!
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