Nonstop Action!

By block_the_buster
Written July 21, 2010
I got the chance to see a pre-release screening of SALT last night and wow, a heck of a lot more action than I expected. From one scene to another. This is a movie for action entertainment, not so much for plots and characters. Yes, it can be predictable, but that's not the point, just sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!
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Worth Watching

By the_movie_muse
Written July 21, 2010
I watched the film last night at an advanced viewing and I will say my daughter and I actually enjoyed it. Lots of action and a decent story line...looks like there maybe more to come from Salt.
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Are you serious?

By ValGirl
Written August 01, 2010
I have serious doubts about the intelligence of anyone who didn't see the "twists" in this movie after the first 15 minutes. I had pegged the plot from the beginning and was so disappointed to find out I was right! I thought no, certainly they wouldn't do that because it's so obvious. Wrong, they did it. There was nothing surprising about this film, predictable & monotonous. I can't believe how many people rated this a must go, did we watch the same movie? She defies gravity and physics in a completely unrealistic manner. I mean more unrealistic than normal for these sorts of films. And we're supposed to believe she got all this training before she was 8 years old? Yeah ok. Stupid back-stories, obvious twists, overused and unnecessary action sequences, blech. Wish I had seen Cats & Dogs 2 with my daughter & her grandparents next door. Well ok not really lol. But I do wish I had gone to Inception again instead. Do yourself and pass the Salt, or at least wait for the DVD lol.
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Salt review

By Therumrunner5
Written January 28, 2012
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who is she kidding?

By oligo
Written July 24, 2010
Jolie's typical overacting, over importance big ego. Her flappy triceps make the concept of real action star a ridiculous concept. Liv is believable, but the movie seems jumbled, irrelevant and another boring spy thriller. Even worse....a large number of the early reviews look like they're plants to make the movie look better than it is! PR can pay to do this to trick the public.
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