Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Synopsis
A scientist (Ewan McGregor) and a sheikh (Amr Waked) endeavor to bring sport fishing to Yemen.
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It's a Hit!

By Optimism
The Sunday matinee we attended was near-full, even tho SALMON FISHING was also being shown at the same time in a second theater across the lobby. A HIT! Why? Because it's adorable: literate and...

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

By Michael Eckstut
A so-so Friday night film with an attractive cast and a simple, predictable formulaic story line that you have seen many times before -- even the "Dr. Jones" references bring back you know who.. I...

Loved it better than the book

By gv36003657
I loved the book and was delighted to learn that a movie was made of it. I could hardly wait to have it come my town and scanned theaters in nearby towns to see if they already show it. Well, it...

salmon fishing in the Yemen

By leprechaunjoe
A wonderfully inspiring movie about an Arab Sheik, who is a man of vision & the push-back he experiences by some of his countrymen. Also a film of romance & loss & loving again, by two Americans who...

Really enjoyed the performances

By trixiesutton
What a creative idea for a movie. It was a bit of a fantasy but the characters lift it into something really special. My husband and i enjoyed it thoroughly and had the nicest romantic dinner...

Liked this movie alot

By nancyfurm
This movie was a pleasant surprise. I found it a sweet love story. I enjoyed all of the characters and thought the writing was really good. I would definitely recommend it....

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

By anothera
This was a very enjoyable film. Even though the premise was implausible the story was believable due to top rate acting and dialog. The plot moved along with surprising ease with subtle and...

My fiancee' and I loved it!

By bodymodel1
It was a bit story driven but all in all, it was nicely done. A different kinda twist on a love story. I love how how a crazy-titled movie comes together so well. The actors were all wonderful! I...

Great movie

By Zbmwm5
I thought this film was fantastic. Great cinematography, great messages, and very well done storyline. Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor were great.... definitely worth a go!...

Great love story

By moviemarathoners
We were looking forward to seeing it from the previews this winter. We enjoyed it but it was unfortunate that we were two of the three people in the theater. However, it was a Wednesday...

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