Laughably Bad

By dthompson601
Written October 26, 2016
Sample scenario: Peggy Salinger : "One time he showed me a stack of manuscripts with colored dots on them; if it had a red dot it meant it was ready for publication, if it had a green dot it meant it need editing." So-called Salinger Expert: "I don't know if we'll ever crack that code" The movie was so over-dramatic, so insistent on pumping up suspense and amplifying innuendo that the big questions about Salinger's life and work (e.g. what was it about Vedanta Buddhism that appealed to him? How did his own upbringing inform his characters' precocious urbanity?) are left untapped while we celebrate the inconsequential stalkers who confronted him over the years, furious that he couldn't answer questions like "What was my purpose in your life?" There are real revelations in the slag heap piled here but it's up to the viewer to make sense of them - the film is intent on presenting misreadings and preposterous assumptions. So bad, my own "Salinger" survived intact. Avoid.
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If you really want to hear about it,

Written October 02, 2013
I'm glad no consciousness persists after death; it would be horrible for Salinger to see this hash of disclosures by obsessed stalkers still pursuing and gossiping about him. Joyce Maynard was especially hideous. Interesting in parts but too long, repetitive, and disrespectful.
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Wish I hadn't seen it

By Effie_Perine
Written October 23, 2016
Watching this felt very exploitative of Salinger. I have conflicted feelings about my curiosity to learn more about Salinger and to respect his wishes for privacy; you won't learn anything here that you can't learn elsewhere. The low-brow re-enactments featuring a Salinger lookalike and soaring John Williams-esque music were awful. The filmmakers don't miss a chance to congratulate themselves: grand announcements of "never before seen" footage and pictures that reveal little about Salinger except that he was quite right to feel so much anger at the press and fans who would not leave him alone. The worst moment came at the end when the filmmakers announced what they believe to be the subject matter of the to-be-released unpublished writings, "verified by two separate sources." The interview with the D-Day survivor was heartbreaking but shed no new information on J.D. Salinger's war experiences. The Jean Miller interview was interesting, but could have just been a short TV special.
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Salinger very much worth seeing

By abffab
Written February 21, 2017
Awesome that they were able to find all of the people who had spent time with JD especially in his earlier years. Very informative - so much I did not know and learned in this film. Without spoiling the ending, it is totally worth staying right up until the very end to see what's coming. Well done!
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By ckochman
Written September 28, 2016
Fascinating. Made the best with what little they had. But more telling are the omissions: Matthew (his son), his agent, his friends. Hated the dramatic music at the end with the revelations of new books. I don't believe it to be true. Two unnamed sources is not compelling. I don't believe they will come out in our lifetime. We waited 100 years for Twain's autobiography. Overall it was good for me, a Salinger diehard. But wish it were better and more balanced.
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