Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed Synopsis
Three members of an airborne unit help resistance fighters free their comrades.
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A Good but not Great Film

By Blue Baron
Over all this was a good attempt at a war film. In the first Saints and Soldiers they tried to rewrite history and make the Malm├ędy Massacre of American prisoners by the SS look like it was the...

Another Ryan Little Success!

By fowlerjoshua
Ryan Little adds another great film to his bucket with the second Saints and Soldiers. I would have rated this a "Must Go!" film, but seeing as how I liked the first Saints and Soldiers a bit more...

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By jordibulux
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It not what u expect it to be at all...

A lot of 'Bang' for its limited 'Bucks'

By jameselmer
This third installment of the franchise is good. For a low budget film they delivered a lot of bang for their bucks. Is it top tier acting, directing, sets, costumes and writing? Not so much. None...

I realy enjoyed it!

By clwilson911
great to see a war movie about real life situations, showing the human life situations of war of caring people find them selves in. Loved it!...

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Rated PG-13 | For War Violence