Saint Laurent Synopsis
1967-1976. As one of history’s greatest fashion designers entered a decade of freedom, neither came out of it in one piece.

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Saint Laurent

By lisaxleon33
If you a fashion forward person and love designers. Would definitely suggest this movie....

Saint Laurent.

By rbarsam


By nowhereman2015
the critics said it captures the glamour and debauchery of the 60s and 70s. where's the glamour? and for the record, it seems "debauchery" is code word for gay orgies....


By Harrods
France in the 60s, sex,drugs,rockn'roll! The graffic bacchanul, could have been left out or at least not so lengthy. Wanted to see more of his great fashion! The business side of his life was...

Worst movie ever

By jillemckeon258
What a total disappointment. This film focused only on the misery debauchery and dysfunction of YSL with little to no attention paid to the great fashion art he created. A horrible and ridiculously...


By sabina1981
I enjoyed every second. Great movie!!!...


By jsandvokd
It is possible to tell a tale of decline and desperation without subjecting the audience to as many visual shots of the seedier side of the character's life. This movie chooses instead to hit you...

By markepape
Perhaps the worst movie I have ever wasted time on. Poorly edited with unnecessarily long, pointless shots that do not advance story. YSL is self-obsessed thoughtless child. Very little of film shows...

Waste of Time

By japanesseanimekaoru
'Coco before Chanel' was marvelous and 'Dior and I' was spectacular, but this movie was such a god damn waste of time I hate it! Sometimes the movie just isn't at all in anyway a good sort of story...

Horrible film. No point, no artistic content, no value at all!

By lvone1

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity/Strong Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse Throughout and Some Language