What more could you want?

By Reelwoman3
Written February 11, 2012
Great car chases, things blowing up, good guys to root for and Denzel Washington to look at. So what if the plot seems warmed over. This is exhilarating entertainment and perfect for munching popcorn by! Great fun.
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not what i expected from Denzel

By movieislander
Written February 15, 2012
I don't think Denzel was used to his best...not like Man on Fire....very boring...safe house compromised..shoot out...go to next house...shoot out....no antiscipation....
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Good Movie

By dwight32
Written February 12, 2012
I thought the movie was good, it was a lot of action, but the ending could have been better. It wasn't Denzel's best movie, but I would recommend it.
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By themrs901
Written February 23, 2012
The movie was full of action and suspense, just when you think it was over the action jumps right in on time... A Must see.. Washington and Haley did an excellent job
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Safe To See It

By jmccloy77
Written February 11, 2012
This is one of the best movies of the year. If you want to see a great movie, with lots of action, no sex, great storyline, great acting, a good cast of characters, this is the movie to watch. Denzel and Ryan were awesome together. They had a great cast around them. The movie opened up, and started strong and continued throughout the movie. It does have a few twists and turns in it. Which makes it even more special. I would definately recommend this movie to anyone that loves action movie. It packs a punch.
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