Safe House Synopsis
A rookie and a renegade agent try to stay alive long enough to determine who's trying to kill them.
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Action Filled, Fast Paced Thriller With A Terrific Cast.

By Al P
This is one of those movies that grabs the audience and keeps them hypnotically suspended for the duration. It's filled with near non-stop action and packed with 'A' list stars worthy of this...

Why do critics even bother watching action movies? Stick to movies that make you depressed and cry !

By rodstohogs
I heard some bad reviews about this movie ..WOW! They are so wrong I am pissed about it. If you dont like everything then you shouldn't review everything! Simple as that! (Just review the types of...

Safe House, A Safe Bet

By crisstlove
As is any movie starring the charismatic and talented Denzel Washington would be, Safe House is a safe bet for a movie gamble. However, don't confuse safe with great! Like an appetizer at a 5-Star...

Non stop ACTION - Great Denzel movie

By Pammo1949
You are intrigued by the character he plays but even though he is portrayed as a traitor (you emphatize with him). He has that ability in all of his movie and theater roles. Bad can be good even...

Denzell does it again!

By cinematic-butterfly
Of course, since it's Denzell I had to go see it no matter what. I'm glad I did! This movie pulled you in and you were mad at the ending. I want to see it again, as soon as I can....

Safe House

By Hikrdi
Actors were good, plot was predictable, almost from the beginning you can predict who are the bad guys disgused as good guys and who dies at the end. Shaky cam is annoying, seems like an excuse for...


By Mr Film Freak
It was a familiar formula, a action movie disguised as CIA conspiracy thriller that has plenty of body counts, plenty of twist and turns, and shines best when Denzel is on the screen. No mind bending...

Denzel played his part

By smightygood
I was so ready to see this movie and I was not disappointed. Denzel and Ryan were a good match up. The combination of acting from them brought the movie out. Of course, being a big baby I was sad...

Non-stop Action, exciting, thrilling, captivating

By nng
This is definitely a rare MUST see movie that is just filled with non-stop action and also has a very intriguing and well done plot and cast. Movies these days just seem to be repititions more or...

Safe House

By premiergirl
One wild action packed movie......If you love action, car chases and Dezel at his badest best you will love this movie. Ryan Reynolds is a cutie too who plays well against Denzel. The ending is not...

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Rated R | For Some Language and Strong Violence Throughout
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Common Sense Media says Interesting characters clash in extremely violent thriller.
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