Bring your husband

By u2bonosbabe
Written March 02, 2015
Great movie. I read the book before I went to see it. It follows very closely to the book I thought. I wanted to write a review because even my husband enjoyed the movie which isn't always the case when seeing a "chick flick". It had enough to keep his attention. The scenery is so beautiful in the movie we are considering a trip to some of the towns where it was filmed.
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Great Date Movie

By must_love_dogs
Written January 28, 2015
I really enjoyed the book and was so happy to see the movie played out so well by Josh and Julianne! To make it even better, they have great chemistry!! This will be a must have DVD (when it is released) so on those rainy Sundays, when I need a sweet, romantic movie to watch (like the notebook or you've got mail) I can pull it out and snuggle in and enjoy the warmth!
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Julia did it better

By movieguyrich1963
Written July 24, 2014
Not sure if anyone remembers, Julia Roberts already did this movie called "Sleeping with the Enemy" in1991 and did it much better. Very surprised that it opened on Valentines Day, not exactly the feel good love story I would condider. I mean Hello! the ex gets shot in the head and the daughter almost dies in a fire and this is at the end. Just ok acting and even worse directing. seemed very choppy to me and the characters were not developed well or likeable. Wait for video if you must see this at all.
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In my top 5 list of worst movies ever watched!!

By dmdtillly
Written February 17, 2013
I have never reviewed a movie before online, but I can't in good conscience not try and warn and dissuade the unsuspecting public about paying to see this HORRID movie!!! I wanted to throw popcorn at the screen, my money and the 2 hours of my life that this movie STOLE from me back!! This would have been a poor excuse for a Lifetime movie, let alone charging people $10 for 2 hours of movie torture. Now, granted, if I had grown up and live on a remote moutain top in Tibet, I may have enjoyed this movie. However, since I did not, this predictable storyline, non thriller, syrupy love, and unoriginal storyline that has been done to death, sad excuse for a move, had me fighting the urge to get up and leave after 15 min. However, being the trooper I am, I sat there, impatiently waiting for it to have something worth watching. Sadly, it never did. Ok...rant over...I feel a little better now.
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Guy's POV

Written April 27, 2015
It was a decent chick flick, unfortunately the best acting comes from the "villain" in the movie. Hough looks great and is super cute, acting is meh, Duhamel does a decent job acting here as well.
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