Too fast, didn't let the film develop

By ajerb
Written February 25, 2013
The film was good, but it seemed rushed, i would have liked it to follow the book a little better, don't know why it had to vary so much. Especially changing his daughter's name to Lexi? Well, the move was a cute romantic film, and nothing more, could have been much better. She's too young, the son's weird, not enough scene with katie/erin and Jo.
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Similar to the book

By TheGFam12
Written February 19, 2013
I do love reading books that have become movies just to see the difference..this one was very close to the book. There were a few minor differences but otherwise absolutely follwed the Nickolas Sparks novel :)
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Loved Safe Haven

By TwiNana
Written February 15, 2013
Safe Haven is an excellent movie. The scenery is beautiful, the story is romantic, suspenseful and surprising. I had read the book but it was a couple of years ago so even I was surprised because I had forgotten a the surprise at the end. Loved both Josh & Julianne - wonderful performances. If you like a movie that is romantic, funny at times, a little tearjeaky but with drama and surprise, you will love this movie.
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Great movie-Classic (with a twist)!

By sxwilliams
Written February 18, 2013
This movie will become a classic--Hough was teriffic but Duhamel made the movie!! WHOA is Fergie LUCKY!!!!! He is SOOOO HOT! I wasn't bored once and the twist at the end was unexpected and fantastic! Loved this movie!
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Safe Haven - Very Well Done

By ittssmee
Written February 16, 2013
Actually went to see another movie as the review we heard for this one was not good - fortunately we got the time wrong for the other movie and decided to give Safe Haven a chance. So glad we did - both Josh and Julianne were very believable in their roles - the scenery was beautiful and the story line was excellently done. Well worth your time and money - my husband enjoyed it as well - so guys - don't think its just a chick flick! I'd sit through it again - it was that good! I'd give this one 5 stars!
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