Wait for it

By tnkrbl1959
Written November 25, 2014
Was really looking forward to this movie and was truly disappointed. No real chemistry comes across on the screen between "Katie" and any other cast member. Josh Duhamel does a decent job but without help from his co-star it just doesn;t work. Julienne doesn't seem to connect with anyone from Josh down to little Lexi. Save your money and wait for it to come out On Demand for free. Sorry.
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Great Feel-Good Movie

By iampeace
Written January 29, 2015
I loved this film. My husband, who enjoyed the book-on-cd, said one of the drawbacks was we weren't shown how psychotic the cop really was. Loved the plot twists and the ending was incredible! I don't know what movie the critics were watching, but I will see this again on DVD.
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Safe Haven

By malkala
Written August 23, 2014
I enjoyed this movie much more than I expected to. Don't know who was prettier, Julianne or Josh. Good story. So glad to see a plot and not a movie overloaded with special effects.
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A Must see!

By mmmo19
Written January 27, 2015
Amazing movie! I was riveted the whole time never wanting it to end! Very emotional and I will get this when it comes out! MUST SEE movie! Amazing acting and Julianne blew me away! Josh as always kept me glued to the screen. I was simply captivated by Colbie...wow! Great casting! You will laugh, cry, and your heart will pound in fear and hope. I had some idea about the plot. but I guarantee that it is an amazing love story that heals and gives hope to those who struggle with this very thing in their lives. Just see it. You won't be disappointed.
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Well Done

By flick_chickhv
Written April 18, 2015
Well done adaptation of the book. Character's well developed just like in the book. I enjoyed discussing the characters and plot with my husband. He had not read the book, but enjoyed the plot twists and did not feel like he was watching a chick flick.
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