Safe Haven - Very Well Done

By ittssmee
Written February 16, 2013
Actually went to see another movie as the review we heard for this one was not good - fortunately we got the time wrong for the other movie and decided to give Safe Haven a chance. So glad we did - both Josh and Julianne were very believable in their roles - the scenery was beautiful and the story line was excellently done. Well worth your time and money - my husband enjoyed it as well - so guys - don't think its just a chick flick! I'd sit through it again - it was that good! I'd give this one 5 stars!
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safe haven

By sjhallinan
Written February 19, 2013
It was a good movie, there were some parts that I thought more information was needed.. the neighbor who Katie went to when she left her husband then called to say she found a safe place. BUt all in all it was a good movie.
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Great Movie to Watch With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

By pedroosegueda
Written March 21, 2013
Overall it was a great movie. Very interesting and romantic. I really liked the twist/mystery shown towards the end. It was pretty cool. Great movie to watch with your wife, husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. Recommend!!!
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Happy endings

By cherubco
Written February 18, 2013
I think this movie had feelings that many viewers have had. The movie twisted those feelings into three plots. One was finding real love again, one was finding love for the first time, and the last was revenge. The cinematographic possibilities were explored while serving the story. There was balance between the players and the setting. I became interested in the town, it's people, and of course the main players. The stunts were limited and realistic for a love story. I'm not a director, but when the direction brings out the personalities required by this story, I must say "Bravo."
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Safe Haven

By thomasjvt
Written February 15, 2013
Definitely a chick flick but interesting enough. A cross between "sleeping with the enemy" and "the note book' though not as stimulating nor comprehensive as either.
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