Safe Haven

Written February 14, 2013
This movie was romantic. funny & spontaneous, not including the amazing, beautiful town it took place in. I thought it was alittle slow throughout the middle of movie! However the chemistry between them is thrilling!!
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Pretty Darn Good.

By kfss
Written February 15, 2013
This movie brought to the screen beautiful scenery and its a great adaptation of the book. As with the recent movie "Jack Reacher", the adaptation to screen cleaned up the plot and unneeded characters. These actors's have great chemistry together. I thought Duhamel was a bit stiff, but that could have been his yearning for Katie held back by his grief/guilt of a widower characterization. But loved the movie despite this. If you believe in the power Good and Love, then the "plot twist" is easy to accept and touching. Boo to the Critics. Its just a movie. Get over it. Perhaps the audience they advocate for should get a good dose of wholesomeness. Frankly I'm tired of Evil guys battling eviler guys. Enjoy something simple and sweet for a change. Roger Ebert thinks the cop was unrealistic. After this week with the Dorner cop affair maybe Roger should rethink his appraisal. Good triumphs over evil... Love it.
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The Man Card Review

By derek802
Written February 17, 2013
Safe Haven works on many levels; mainly engaging the audience with the characters and getting you to feel the emotions of the story. There is an inherent sweetness in the script including a selflessness that seems to be a trademark of Sparks’ stories. It does get a little slow in the middle, the foreshadowing is anything but subtle and much of the plot is predictable. Hough and Duhamel are not the next Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks but they are more than workable and give believable performances. Overall it is an enjoyable experience and fits the “date movie” genre like a glove. I can't imagine a wife, dreamy teenage girl or mother not enjoying this movie and likely there will be many facebook post from guys that start with, "I'm not going to lie..." and then end with saying something good about safe haven. Man Card Grade: Not confiscated: but if you cry it will be stamped. (10 stamps is a confiscation)
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Great Love Story

By gina22784
Written February 14, 2013
I got to see the early screening of Safe Haven, and I enjoyed it very much. The Notebook is still my favorite NS movie, but this one comes very close. It makes a great date movie or a girls night out movie. Bring your tissues!
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SAFE Haven a Great Date Movie

By michael_l_early
Written February 15, 2013
I thought this movie had everything it needs, a Chick Flick and action sapience all in one. I recommend it to everyone. No good for a bunch of high school or jr. high girls but adults who love life. And leave you phones at home!
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