Safe ... A Safe bet for those who like his transporter movies

By Darkola
Written January 23, 2017
Jason Statham movies for me are either hit or miss, I really liked the Transporter movies, but really hated the Crank movies, so the good news is, this movie reminded me of his Transporter movies, this is a movie about him protecting a girl he ran across in a subway that he realised was in trouble, and others were looking for her. He is great in these kind of movies when it comes to the action, and there is plenty of that in here to keep you satisfied, the story itself is a pretty decent story, not to far fetched .... as I said, if your a Transporter fan, then this is a must see, I'd give this 3 of 4 stars myself.
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Action packed

By lsalazar32
Written July 29, 2016
What you would expect from a Jason Statham movie. Lots of action. Fast moving pace. I wish they would have spent a couple more minutes on the history of the main character. There could have been better stunts but the fight sense were excellent. I came out of the movie satisfied. There were a lot of families with kids. I thought it was inappropriate for the young kids to be seeing all the violence and language. There's a lot of gun fire and a lot of people being killed.
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Very satisfying violence, and a decent plot to boot!

By coffeeheadab
Written October 27, 2016
The soundtrack and music fit the scenes and choreography well. The plot was decent and mostly believable. But, the gun violence was most satisfying in FINALLY seeing the bad guys eliminated sans the protagonist hemming and hawing over doing the deed.
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SAFE-ly a great movie!

By marvelling
Written April 25, 2017
Statham & Co. ROCK! -- and so does this well-paced, rarely-a-dull-moment film. The beginning is a bit hard to reconcile with the rest of the story, but once the two main characters make contact the film takes off and never stops delivering. 9+ out of 10.
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By watersdc
Written May 24, 2017
It was slow at the beginning, action packed almost to the end, too short and would should have take some sort of trip to Seattle and what life for the "two friends" was there.
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