Action Filled, Fast Paced Thriller With A Terrific Cast.

By Al P
Written August 04, 2015
This is one of those movies that grabs the audience and keeps them hypnotically suspended for the duration. It's filled with near non-stop action and packed with 'A' list stars worthy of this intricate and compelling screenplay. It's the rare imagination that would doubt the chemistry of a cast that includes Washington and Reynolds, although apparently there are at least one or two critics out there who state this, most likely just to grab some attention for themselves. You simply can't go wrong here. It's worth every cent of today's high ticket prices. The story is familiar but fresh. The action as good as any. See this movie but leave the little guys home because it's too intense for kids. Otherwise, count on one entertaining film. You won't be disappointed.
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Why do critics even bother watching action movies? Stick to movies that make you depressed and cry !

By rodstohogs
Written August 27, 2016
I heard some bad reviews about this movie ..WOW! They are so wrong I am pissed about it. If you dont like everything then you shouldn't review everything! Simple as that! (Just review the types of movies you like) Now Im no professional critic! However I do watch and see all types of movies and have gone to the movies every single weekend since I was about 10 .Sometimes 2-3 a week? I also see the artistic side as I have made a living as an Artist since high school 25 years ago. No I am not applying to be the next action movie critic! I am simply asking others to tell critics we are sick of the prejudice. Here is the correct review...Was similar to the Bourne movies in style and directing. However action packed, edge of your seat entertainment with lots of surprises too (An improvement over The Bourn films.) Acting flawless, special effect perfect,. Much better then Contraband which I thought was an OK copy of Italian Job but not as good. Safe house kicked ass!
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Safe House, A Safe Bet

By crisstlove
Written October 23, 2016
As is any movie starring the charismatic and talented Denzel Washington would be, Safe House is a safe bet for a movie gamble. However, don't confuse safe with great! Like an appetizer at a 5-Star restaurant preps your taste buds for the entree to come, this action- loaded drama teases, but never satisfies. With it's Bourne-like action and Training Day darkness, the comparisons to those movies are natural. Unfortunately, this one pales in comparison. Denzel, who plays Tobin Frost, a renegade CIA operative , is as cool as ever, and his presence tips the scale in overall favor of the movie. Ryan Reynolds does a good job as the CIA newbie, Matt Weston, assigned to guard Frost,who has been described as a manipulative traitor who will sell the security of his country to the highest bidder. No issues with action or acting. The problem here is plot vs.story. The plot never lives up to the story. In fact, the story behind the story may have offered us so much more. Can you say, PREQUEL? Please
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Non stop ACTION - Great Denzel movie

By Pammo1949
Written September 28, 2016
You are intrigued by the character he plays but even though he is portrayed as a traitor (you emphatize with him). He has that ability in all of his movie and theater roles. Bad can be good even when you want to "dislike" the character played. So much action and intensity - the movie time went by fast. Predictable ending -- but the story development was excellent.
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Denzell does it again!

By cinematic-butterfly
Written September 26, 2016
Of course, since it's Denzell I had to go see it no matter what. I'm glad I did! This movie pulled you in and you were mad at the ending. I want to see it again, as soon as I can.
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