By lugubriousthespian
Written June 27, 2009
Pedecessor of NORTH BY NORTHWEST, Alfred Hitchcock's WWII thriller SABOTEUR is ostensibly a propoganda film with suspenseful trappings, but more than that, it a treatise on infalliable American idealism that proved good can always outlast evil. Robert Cummings plays the air munitions worker wrongly accused of the death of his friend in a horrible factory fire which becomes linked to sabotage. After fleeing from police he begins a long trek across the country to find the culprit and clear his name. Fascinating set pieces here in probably Hitch's only truly Grade B pic for Universal. Of course climaxes with the infamous Statue of Liberty scene which is still tense even today. Priscilla Lane adds the sparkle to the scenery even if she is not up to old Alfred's blonde standards. Energertic, fast-paced and entertaining entry into the Hitch library...
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