Poor Show.

By kakemann
Written March 29, 2014
This movie has a good bit of action, its character's motive are so unclear for most of the movie that it is maddening puzzling figuring out what is going on. Important points remain unexplained at the end, and some the character's action are so nonsensical that suspension of disbelief is impossible. I like Arnold Schwarzenegger as an actor, but this is not a good movie to see him in. D+
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Rough movie, but a decent story

By TexasLorie
Written April 13, 2014
If I was rating this with 1-5 stars, I'd probably give it a 3. If you like action mysteries, it's pretty good. Lots of bad language and mean characters. But, Arnold does a good job in his role and the plot has some interesting twists and turns.
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Written April 06, 2014
Right from the opening you are in for a wild ride. Lots of action and gore. Not for the weak of heart. Great special effects, fast moving with a great cast. Recommend to all action lovers just not for young kids due to gore. Definitely going on my DVD wish list.
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Better than I expected

By jim_capp
Written April 08, 2014
Good story...good cast...good acting. Not as much shoot-um-up as I expected which pleasantly surprised me. Arnold still has it and the supporting crew is talented.
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By know-all
Written April 08, 2014
This movie was definitely not for children. And children means anyone under 15. But seriously, this was a bad movie start to finish. I think it was too intense to be enjoyable. I did appreciate the end credits so I could leave. There were six people in the theater, including me. Please retire Arnie! Honestly I went because I have seen all other movies out there and had nothing better to do. Boy was I wrong; I should have scrubbed the bathroom.
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