SABOTAGE is a surprise!

By itikadi
Written March 30, 2014
Went expecting one thing and got a pleasant surprise...A STORYLINE!. Turned out to be an intriguing movie. Kept our attention throughout. Arnold fans won't be disappointed. He showed up also. Great cast. Good action. GO!
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By armchairmoviecritic
Written March 29, 2014
I am an Arnold Swartzeneggar fan, and I liked this movie for just that. This is truly a mans man movie with all the expletives you can handle. I just don't believe a movie has to have so many "F" words in it to be a good movie. I rate this movie a 4.
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better than its opening

Written March 31, 2014
There tends to be a lot of blood, language and what could be unsettling scenes. Overall though I thought it was pretty good and it had a nice twist at the end. I also felt the cast was pretty good although I wish some had been more ultilized.
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Absolutely nothing good!

By malcolmsmom
Written April 05, 2014
What we thought was an action flick was one of the nastiest films we've ever walked out on. The word that comes to mind is sleazy - we made it 20 minutes into the movie before walking out. We were warned about violence and bad language but this took it to a new low level. Some movies can pull that off with a little class (Wolf of Wall Street) but this was just "let's see how many times we can say it," type of thing. Very cheesy, back acting, poor casting, stupid plot - just downright bad. Swartzenegger has seen better days and the obvious dye-job on his hair didn't help this very weak attempt at any action seem believable. Don't even bother renting it unless there's a shower nearby.
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Hot mess

By kathleencharles
Written April 02, 2014
There was barely a likeable character in this movie. Unbelievable, laughable storyline. I couldn't stand to see some of my favorite action actors take part in this over-the-top, blood-thirsty, poor excuse for a movie.
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