By elmorenoiii
Written March 29, 2014
Glad to see the Governator staying active! Decent movie but too much unnecessary cursing. Definitely not for the kids although I saw a lot of them there. Good action but quite bloody.
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By geoffs1
Written March 30, 2014
Not what I was expecting from an Arnold movie. Overuse of profanity and extreme excessive and unnecessary use of blood and guts. A good film can let your mind fill in the blanks without having to show as much as it did. Overused story line and not great acting
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Very Real

By FlickFanatic26
Written April 02, 2014
"Sabotage" had a realness to it that a lot of action movies these days don't. Normally you have to suspend disbelief in order to really get into a good action movie these days but with "Sabotage" that is not required. The story is brought down to Earth in a real way that we could have been watching reality TV. Part of this was due to very little music throughout the movie. The action was not over the top and the situations seemed so real that it could have been happening right next door to me. Arnold gives a subtle but very believable performance as a grief-struck DEA team leader trying to keep his team together after an inner agency mole hunt. He still believes in his team and it shows. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone looking for a "Training Day" realism but don't expect any Michael Bay action sequences.
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By rpearsall
Written March 30, 2014
classic Arnold movie, lots of action, good plot twists and turns, lead you one way then backtrack you into a different twist, very good in a realistic way, they trained hard with LA Swat for real, very graphic and realistic, excellent ending. We liked it very much
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By armchairmoviecritic
Written March 29, 2014
I am an Arnold Swartzeneggar fan, and I liked this movie for just that. This is truly a mans man movie with all the expletives you can handle. I just don't believe a movie has to have so many "F" words in it to be a good movie. I rate this movie a 4.
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