Arnold in a Dramitic role

By jwinslow530
Written March 29, 2014
Not bad. The plot twist was a surprise, but if you think about it, when the backstory is revealed halfway through the movie, it is kind of obvious. If you want intellectual content, don't see this one, though it is a pretty good action flick. Arnold still has a funny accent, and is getting a little long in the tooth for this kind of role. Worth the matinee price, but I wouldn't take my first date on this one.
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Good Film

By Sinter
Written March 31, 2014
I enjoyed the "Film" as a whole not taking in that it was some specific Arnold epic or specific vehicle just to get him back in the Public Eye. The only scene I would have changed is the opening scene of him prior to the rest of the story. I'd have not shown his face. Rather I'd have left it to the imagination only showing say his hands or just him lighting the cigar and some light in his eyes. I think that would have played more to the mystery of the plot in general and his character. I really liked the ensemble of top actors involved. And the whole duplicitous nature of those he worked with and for.
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Best Action Movie this Year!

By Fastdreams21
Written April 04, 2014
Ok Ok Hobbit has its place. Fantasy Action #1-------------------- Lets put Arnold aside for a second and look at this film. I found the script and acting to be a cut above your normal level run and gun. The complexity of the characters, especially the main characters was well placed for the actors chosen. ------------------ Violence, Revenge, & Arnold------------------- This new Arnold, a man who has obviously taken some deep life lessons to draw on in his portrayal of hurt, anger, rage, & manipulation. The attitude, toughness, & **** diesel hero we all love is still there, although now he is seasoned, harder, and more gristle than before. If you loved the level of violence & gore of Predator, & Total Recall this will definitely make your must watch/must own list. Long live the King of action, he has returned and sits well upon the throne!
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By tommy6e1
Written March 30, 2014
If your into action movies that are believable this is one of Arnold's better ones. Arnold Schwarzenegger is like a fine wine, he is getting better with age..
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Save your money

By BBKG1979
Written April 02, 2014
The movie was just average, I should've known better. I loved Arnold as a kid like everyone did, but as soon as I became an adult I realized he's a horrible actor like everyone has. The supporting cast did better than him, but still nothing to write home about. I had a difficult time watching the female team member, me and my lady thought she was hideous to look at at. I guess she was supposed to be rough and tom-boyish but there are plenty of females who are attractive that could've filled that roll. I was under the impression there'd be a bit more action, the story/plot was decent. Can't really put my finger on it, but I wasn't really impressed. I'll tell you what though, it was 1.5 trillion times better than expendables.
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