Beers, bullets, and not enough one-liners

By petealanolsen
Written March 30, 2014
I found this movie to be very enjoyable. VERY. I laughed, I clapped, I left very amused. It had all the elements of a kick butt action movie, lots of muscle aficionados, and I'd say about 80% of it was crushing beers and planning excursions to strip clubs or an invasion of some bad guys home. It definitely could have use d a little more clarity in certain aspects, but in a world that's becoming increasingly more pink washed by the day, its nice to see some unabashed alpha male kick buttery.
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By thecoversfamily
Written March 30, 2014
My husband is an Arnold fan and I took him, but we both did not like this movie. Poor story line that tried to covered with blood, gore, and a ton of f bombs. Waste of time.
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Love me some Ahhhnold, but not his best

By gdsimmons79229
Written November 22, 2014
I was very excited about this movie given the star-studded cast, and of course, my all-time favorite action hero. However, I found the movie to be overly convoluted and serious for an Arnold flick. There were a couple good Arnold one-liners at the beginning, but this movie didn't have that classic, memorable line that fans love to see. The film is pretty gruesome, as well. Not for the squeamish. I must say, however, that Arnold puts on a good acting performance and he is still ripped and in amazing shape for his age. That said, I didn't enjoy this movie as much as the other two he has done since he left politics (The Last Stand and Escape Plan). Bottom line is that Arnold and action movie fans will likely enjoy it, but I don't think it's going to top anyone's list of favorite Schwarzenegger movies.
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By barry738
Written March 29, 2014
no plot to follow, gross human sacrifice and torture, blood and human guts in almost every scene. I am an Arnold fan and this was his worst ever. I watched people leave the movie early.
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By z3bmw
Written March 29, 2014
I'm an older person and I don't appreciate watching a movie where every other word is F---. Too much gory body parts and lots and lots of blood. Not my kind of film.
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