what cn i say!!!!

By chammie...
Written November 06, 2007
i was very excited 2 knw dat saawariaya was relesin on my b day...its realli sad dat i wud nt b able 2 see cx i m i maldives ...i wish all the best ...may saawariya b the best film ...i m crazy 2 hear dat its releasin on my b day again i m sayin bt i cn stop thnkin .....by the way i n 15 wud b 16 on 9th my reguard 2 the cast
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Review Saawariya

By orbitingneil
Written November 19, 2007
Great Movie. Loved the sets, love the cinematography. The actress's performance was a little light, but the actor was really flamboyant and made the movie. The award goes to Rani Murhkerjee for doing a phenomenal performance.
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Not upto mark

By shalianjan
Written November 24, 2007
Went with lots of expectation but returned with disappointment..... Nothing great other than good visuals and few good songs...
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By deepak_nayak
Written December 01, 2007
Nice movie
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Crap Movie

By mystique386
Written November 10, 2007
2 hrs 10 min movie with 1 hr of song & no story. It's one of those movies where lot of hype is created for launch of actors sons & daughters. songs are ok...and some funny scenes here and there but overall is a C-
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