Laugh Out Loud!

By Meochia's Flix Picks
Written August 17, 2007
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are the perfect couple when it comes to laughter! Not only is there comic relief an average of every 15 seconds during the movie, it's all validated with a perfect plot of mystery, brotherhood and confidence. There are many twists and turns with each character having a shining moment of honor and shocking truths and discoveries. This movie is great for the whole familiy to enjoy. You can really see the maturity it Chris Tucker (he just keeps getting better and Jackie Chan's English is really improving, he is hilarious. The fight scenes were fantastic. This movie needs to be turned into a series. There were a couple of slow moments but that only left a little room for you to breathe and get ready for the next bout of laughter! I give it 4 spoons and stick a fork in it for a job well done!
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Definitely Worth Seeing

By Sithfan53
Written February 02, 2007
The first two Rush Hour movies were classics. I still can't get enough of the both of them. I think that this duo have really got something here with their third installment into the Rush Hour movies.
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Very funny

By gspot107
Written November 10, 2007
Chris Rock stereo types blacks in the first 5 minutes of the movie, but managers to make everyone laugh tastefully. Best Rush Hour yet.
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By slybob
Written January 31, 2007
this movie is hiliarious! the first two were funny, but wait til you see this!!
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Great movie

By monstr7201
Written August 10, 2007
This movie was a very good movie Chris Tucker was very funny and Jackie Chan was very awesome in his stunts this movie had a very good plot and good scenery of France and a lot of funny moments never any dull moments i would definetly watch this movie again and compared to some of the movies that have came out this summer with the exception of Transformers this movie is a really great movie.
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