Rush Hour 3 Synopsis
An unlikely cop duo continue their unique brand of crime-fighting and high-kicking comedy.
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Laugh Out Loud!

By Meochia's Flix Picks
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are the perfect couple when it comes to laughter! Not only is there comic relief an average of every 15 seconds during the movie, it's all validated with a perfect plot...

Definitely Worth Seeing

By Sithfan53
The first two Rush Hour movies were classics. I still can't get enough of the both of them. I think that this duo have really got something here with their third installment into the Rush Hour...

Very funny

By gspot107
Chris Rock stereo types blacks in the first 5 minutes of the movie, but managers to make everyone laugh tastefully. Best Rush Hour yet....


By slybob
this movie is hiliarious! the first two were funny, but wait til you see this!!...

Great movie

By monstr7201
This movie was a very good movie Chris Tucker was very funny and Jackie Chan was very awesome in his stunts this movie had a very good plot and good scenery of France and a lot of funny moments never...


By pjblair
I think they ONCE again did a GOOD JOB! The fact that the SAME STARS played the SAME Character’s is what makes people come to see the sequels. Chris and Jackie are a great team! I plan to see this...

Rush Hour 3

By good_moviestowatch
This movie was crazy funny. If you want to see a movie you will enjoy it should definitely be this one. Also the movie has sense of elegance and beauliful scenory. During the movie they are in...

Funniest movie ever!!

By jerazo36
This action pact comedy keeps you on the edge of your seat from begining to end. This is the best rush hour so far. I have already seen it three times and expect me to go see it again....


By Mab_Of_Fey
Enough already! The first one was witty, sharp and well worth watching. Now it has fallen into sequel purgatory....

Rush Hour 3

By ironman15
this movie goes both ways. like it was really funny but that was it. it was far fetched. bad acting. and the story line isnt that good. but it is really funny. Chris Tucker and Chackie Chan are...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of action violence, sexual content, nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Just like the first two, but in Paris.
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