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Great movie for RUSH band fans

By hotrod61
Written November 20, 2013
As I am usually in the cheaper seats at concerts, I can only view what really goes on stage watching the large monitors. Watching this movie allowed me to see much more of the onstage magic and enjoy the fun of the band and the strings. Only negative was the movie crowd: they sat there as they would for a regular movie and thus there was no 'atmosphere'. I was probably one of the few who head bopped, fisted, and clapped - and I didn't care. RUSH is a phenomenal band! I would definitely recommend an almost concert presentation - great DOLBY sound.
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Rush - Clockwork Angels

By scottscrap
Written November 20, 2013
After the show started 25 minutes late (due to the incompetence of the staff) the show was incredible. It was nice to see my favorite band on the big screen. I got a chance to see this tour and this video was a small encapsulation of some of the best music of the tour. Although they only showed the second half of the concert, I am looking forward to seeing the rest after I purchase the Blu-Ray. Thank you RUSH!!!
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Complete waste of money.

By randydearborn
Written November 19, 2013
This was billed as "the IMAX experience" It was not. Even though there was an IMAX auditorium next door, it was shown in a regular theater. I walked out after the second song, as did others. The audio was horrible. It was very loud, I get that - its a rock concert. There was no surround sound. All the audio was very flat and heavily compressed. The only thing that seemed to be in stereo were the crowd sounds. Even that came only from the speakers behind the screen. It was like watching a DVD of the event, played back on a large screen, but fed through a very distorted sound system in mono. You couldn't even hear the strings. I've seen Rush live. They put on an amazing show. This was terrible. I'm a big Rush fan. This show did them NO favors. I think they would be embarrassed by what was shown in this theater last night. If other theaters had the same terrible presentation, Rush might want to rethink this approach. If this is representative of other Fathom Events, it will be my last.
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By jojopinn
Written November 21, 2013
Only one showing.....this must be part of their next if you missed this event in theaters, be sure to pick up their next dvd. While I was watching with my family, my brother said, I can't believe we only saw this tour 5 times!......there's so much going on at all moments, you see another little something that one of them was playing or doing.....there are no words to describe how talented and captivating this trio is. I imagine since this was a one time event in theaters, this show will be part of the next dvd. .Who would ever imagine that this is what they would be doing at their age.....they never lack talent and commitment to their craft(s).....and they're not done yet! Looking forward to the next chapter.
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Sock Tease

By ryan2376
Written November 19, 2013
Unfortunately, myself and many others asked for a refund, as the the sound in the theater was sub par. All that could be heard were guitar and strings. It was if the middle channel of the mix was absent. For a minute I thought,maybe, we just had a bad seat in the back right corner, so we moved closer to center, to no avail. Looking forward to seeing the actual DVD, but in the future, whomever is in charge, needs to make sure the theaters are compatible for rock show stereo mix.
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