RUSH Clockwork Angels Tour Synopsis
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush perform with the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble.

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Rush Clockwork Angels Tour

By landwn
Of course nothing beats seeing Rush live, but this is as good as it gets otherwise!...


By mcapri
Great movie, really enjoyed the concert so i knew i would love this performance - to be able to see it in a theater was great!...

RUSH Still rocks!

By twinnyfo
If there was any way that you could improve this showing, it would be by including the first half of the show. I understand that this viewing was to emphasize the Clockwork Angel album, and the...

Absolutely Fantastic

By princess20251
My husband loves RUSH and has been a fan for years. When they came to CA last year we couldn't go to the concert, because we were getting ready for our cruise. This was such a nice alternative to...

Great movie for RUSH band fans

By hotrod61
As I am usually in the cheaper seats at concerts, I can only view what really goes on stage watching the large monitors. Watching this movie allowed me to see much more of the onstage magic and enjoy...

Rush - Clockwork Angels

By scottscrap
After the show started 25 minutes late (due to the incompetence of the staff) the show was incredible. It was nice to see my favorite band on the big screen. I got a chance to see this tour and this...

Great concert event, except for one thing

By ZenMattster
It was great that some theaters were able to show this concert by one of rock music's absolute top bands. In a way, being able to sit comfortably in a theater and see the many angles to an event such...


By jojopinn
Only one showing.....this must be part of their next if you missed this event in theaters, be sure to pick up their next dvd. While I was watching with my family, my brother said, I can't...

Complete waste of money.

By randydearborn
This was billed as "the IMAX experience" It was not. Even though there was an IMAX auditorium next door, it was shown in a regular theater. I walked out after the second song, as did others. The...

Sock Tease

By ryan2376
Unfortunately, myself and many others asked for a refund, as the the sound in the theater was sub par. All that could be heard were guitar and strings. It was if the middle channel of the mix was...

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