Adrenaline Rush!

By MedRed
Written February 20, 2015
This is a go even if you aren't into racing. If you are into cars, racing, racing cars, the oily bits of cars, excellent cinematography, a good true story, and a good rivalry...Rush is a must go. Rush chronicles the history of Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Chris Hemsworth gives a credible performance. Daniel Brühl steals the show! Their performances perfectly depict the polar opposite personalities of Lauda and Hunt. The story is mostly truthful, but could have incorporated even more of the real life drama of these two F1 icons. As with any modern movie based on a true story, there is some exaggeration and some key reality moments that are omitted. There is some nudity, language, and drug use, but it doesn't feel like you're watching an R rated movie. With a good story and great execution, Rush is fun time in a tidy package. There's nothing during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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RUSH is a total rush!

By lindalovesbooks
Written September 27, 2013
Loved this film. The story covers a time when racing was both exciting and scary dangerous. Every year, drivers died in accidents. Howard's film covers both the overall excitement of Formula I racing and the "frenemy" relationship between Lauda and Hunt. The cinematography is gorgeous, adding a spark of glamour to what was already an excellent movie. There's probably too much sex for younger kids but it is not gratuitous and adds to the story line.
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A True "MUST GO!"

By Films63
Written September 03, 2015
RUSH is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, or ever seen. Great racing action for race fans and an even better story. It has plenty of action, drama, and humor. Ron Howard delivers another masterpiece. Be looking for RUSH to win big when the Oscars come around. I really enjoyed it and would see it again in a heart beat.
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Fantastic Movie!

By pjzm66825
Written December 02, 2016
Daniel Bruhl did an amazing job portraying the focused Niki Lauda, the F1 driver who was badly burned in a car crash. I could see an Oscar for this role. Chris Hemsworth plays James Hunt, the flamboyant F1 driver hooked on alcohol, drugs, and women. A possible Oscar to him too. It's impressive the way the 2 actors looked so much like the actual people they played. And their acting was so good you could really feel the intensity of Lauda and the out of control arrogant nature of Hunt As a bonus you get to see Chris Hemsworth's butt twice and with all the love scenes he plays you get a pretty good idea of what his O face must look like.
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By helenmaco2
Written September 29, 2013
As someone who knew nothing about this story in real life, and not much about race cars in general, I thought this was an excellent flick. Fantatic leads -Chris Helmsworth reminded me of a very young Peter O'Toole in his heyday and Daniel Bruhl was also great as his rival. Cinematography was superb and the graphics leading up the different races also top notch. And the music by Hans Zimmer contributed so much to the movie-he should receive an Oscar! I just kept looking for Ron Howard's brother and his cameo but never saw him! Anyhow, much recommended. It did have some nudity but I felt it was not gratuitious but showed the way the character was. But maybe have young ones avoid for that reason.
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